Dick is low in value and abundant? Thats not what your 2 am text posts say…..but that’s none of my business

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Pussy only has the value you assign it.

If you stop assigning value to pussy, you will have women give you the pussy to attain value for it.

Only assess the value you are comfortable with to pussy. Never allow the pussy holder to assess that value; they will always try to oversell you on it.

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The owner of wrote an open letter to Nicki Minaj basically chastising (concern trolling) her for the recent g-string picture that serves as the cover to her new single Anaconda. He’s sad that “as a father” he’ll have to shield his precious daughter from seeing Nicki Minaj in provocative photos.

100% bullshit. 

I hate how so many people pass off their parenting responsibilities to celebrities. Especially a parent who works in the industry and has made a living prominently displaying all kinds of violent and sexual imagery. 

It was fine then, but now when it comes to Nicki Minaj its a problem

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Woman: I have the pussy

Me: image

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People on my dash thinking that if they string big words together with the eloquence and grace of a giraffe on rollerskates it will actually make them sound smart


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David Spade has found some questionable plot points in The Purge sequel.

He has a point tho. 

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The racist immigrants carry disease rhetoric is nothing new. 

Perhaps we need a U.S. history lesson:

Under President Franklin D. Roosevelt, the U.S. forged a program, through a series of agreements with Mexico’s PRI-dominated government, called the Bracero program. This program was used to fill in the gaps in manual labor the U.S. had after the war.

It sounds like a liberal dream: immigrants being given an opportunity to work in the “land of opportunity,” yet it was hardly that. The laborers were forced into horrible working conditions. Many died from exhaustion (often from working in the sun too long) from working in the fields picking food for the U.S. Many also suffered from disease.

The U.S. decided what was best for the issue of disease: a widespread use of a highly toxic livestock pesticide that braceros were often doused in as part of processing into the U.S.

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how i survived high school.

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'Stone Cold' Steve Austin

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